Happy 2009

Happy 2009. Time to start over at MT Exchange.

First, I’m changing this to a single-person industry blog. My personal blog can be found at Juliew8. I’ve also included a link in the blogroll. The microblog is my Twitter feed. If you are on Twitter, please feel free to follow me.

If you have a blog relating to the medical transcription industry and you want it included in the blogroll and/or the feed, please use the contact form to send me information. I don’t guaranty that I’ll include every blog but I do guaranty I’ll at least go take a look and decide.

The old MT Exchange will be available until I decide it doesn’t need to be any more. You can access it here or click on the link in the blogroll. However, I have shut it down for all new entries and made it read only.

If you have other useful links, please submit them here or at MT Reference.

I hope everyone has a very prosperous and safe 2009. Thanks for your patience in the changes that have been made here in the last year.

Historic Change - the transcriptionist's tale

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