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  1. I just stumbled across this website while searching for American-owned transcription companies. After 15+ years of transcribing and maintaining basically a worthless certification through AHDI, I’ve watched my pay go from 0.09/line down to 0.04/line for editing. The company I contract with sold 2 times, I’ve moved with it each time, and it is currently owned by someone in India. Communication is terrible, work has dropped off, and no way of knowing if I will get more work. I’d love to just find a local group of doctors to transcribe for, but I don’t know how the “back end” of transcription works. What kind of platform to use, how is it integrated into their EMR/EHR, where does the ADT information come from, etc.? This looks like a good place to ask some questions. Seems like there are some tech savvy folks on this site. Thanks.

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