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Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Cheryl Flanders, the owner of Productivity Talk. She wanted to know if I’d take over the site. We had a discussion and I ended up saying yes.

I’m pretty excited about it, actually – and not just because it’s a shiny object. There’s a lot of information at Productivity Talk and I think it’s useful not only to medical transcriptionists, but anyone who wants to maximize their time investment, whether it’s how they use the computer, the keyboard, or a variety of popular software programs It was at Productivity Talk (many years ago) I discovered Active Words, a great program that saved me a lot of time since I invested in a license.

I spent a fair amount of time rummaging through the site while trying (at the same time – multitasking at its best!) to figure out how the board software works. Oh yeah, I also had to move it to a new host server. I was thoroughly baffled by some custom programming that had been done for Harrie, the first owner, and it didn’t survive the move to the new server. I decided to upgrade the existing board software, which gave me some flexibility, including adding articles and videos, as well as a new home page to replace the custom programming I couldn’t make work.

If you haven’t been to Productivity Talk for awhile, come take a look and browse through the forums. Medical transcriptionists have shared an unbelievable amount of productivity information over the years. Come share and learn and stick around! I’m excited about implementing some of the new ideas I have for making the site a dynamic one for not only medical transcriptionists, but anyone who needs to be more productive.

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